Form Nation – illustration agency – Sweden

Form Nation is a collective created in 2013 and gathering established illustrators with an experienced agent, Lisa Engström. The team is composed of Kari Modén, Emma Hanquist, Klas Ernflo, Gunilla Hagström and Veronica Ballart Lilja, they work on illustrations for advertising, editorial, typography, packaging and fashion, as well as exhibitions and animation. 
Form Nation also has a close working relationship with Malmsten Hellberg, a design studio which enables them to offer their services in art direction and design.
Lisa Engström has the overall responsibility for the collective Form Nation. She hails from a background in photography and later received her Bachelors degree in Education at Konstfack, Visual Culture, Art & Media. Lisa has been representing photographers and illustrators since 2008.

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  • guy

    dear form nation

    my name is guy. I’m an Animator working in Jerusalem, Israel (the one from the news). I am looking for work as an illustrator. I don’t know much about this so I am including an online portfolio. is there anything else I could provide to help you decide? I realy liked the work your agency produces. it’s different

    I studied animation at Bezalel academy of design in Jerusalem and I’ve worked on a number of Animation projects as a freelancer. though I’m more than happy to work in Animation, My dream is to become an illustrator. Even though I am more than proficient in the required programs, I love working in classical media. particularly Acrylic and Watercolors

    hope to hear back


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