Volvo ad by Johnny Green

By not owning things, you’re not owned by things

In this new advert promoting the Volvo XC40 SUV, the concept says “By not owning things, you’re not owned by things”. The video shows a women driving out of the city as she sees daily life and consumerism rush by. The car is the only thing she is subscribed to. The music in the advert is a cover of “My Favourite Things” by Julie Andrews here performed by Swedish singer-songwriter Jennie Abrahamson. The original song was first released for the musical and movie The Sound Of Music in 1965. Jennie Abrahamson’s version was recently released at the same time as the commercial.

Client: Volvo XC40 – Things/Forsman & Bodenfors
Director: Johnny Green
Production company: Anonymous Content
Agency Producer: The Producers

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