Creative motion design wih Karim Zariffa


Karim Charlebois Zariffa is a French Canadian freelance graphic designer working mostly in motion design. Member of collective Sijauraissu with Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau, Julien Vallée and Philippe Roy. He also got the chance to collaborate with Stefan Sagmeister in an experimental out camp in Indonesia.


Live action and stop motion for the tv serie La Liste. Opening and bumpers. Everything is real except the 3d type. All concepts and visual by : Karim Charlebois-Zariffa. Director : Karim Charlebois-Zariffa Assistant : Pascal Brousseau 3D type : Charles Delisle DOP : Étienne Boilard Intern : Francis Dakin Coté Music : misteur valaire

[vimeo width=”560″ height=”315″][/vimeo]

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