Back to basics with Zim and Zou

Zim and Zou is a young French collective who’ve just released a great series of vintage electronics all made by hand with colorful paper. Zim and Zou are featuring in « Paper Art trends » our free iPhone and iPad app. Here is a short interview to learn a bit more about them…

Who are you?

We are Zim&Zou, a graphic design studio held by Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann. We did our studies together (graphic design/print/advertising) and then we started our studio two years ago.

How did you come to work with paper ?

Lucie’s grand parents used to work in a paper factory, so this material naturally came to us! We’ve always loved handcrafting, maybe a nostalgia of our childhood. 

Can you describe your work, your personal style?

We try not to focus on a particular style but to explore the numerous possibilities of paper. We try to be as thorough as possible and never neglecting any detail. Usually there is very little work on computer after the product is finished, it is important to us that the image stays as close as possible to reality.

What qualifiers would you use talking about paper?

Fragile, malleable and authentic.

What do you like best about what you do?

Start working on a new universe, the elements appear gradually to form a harmonious whole.

In your imagination, is paper hot or cold?

Hot. Or at least it is by dint of torture!

Behind the scene.

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