Amazing Fons Hickmann m23


Fons Hickmann m23 is a German studio run by Gesine Grotrian-Steinweg and Fons Hickmann since 2001. It is one of today’s most awarded design studios (Lead Award, TDC Excellence Award, Art Directors Club, Red Dot Award…). The staff originates from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The Berlin studio focuses on the design of complex communication systems. Its activities include corporate design, book and poster design, magazine design and digital media. The work is conceptual and analytical but at the same time has a big sense of humour. Gesine Grotrian-Steinweg and Fons Hickmann have taught at several Universities, with lectures and workshops around the world. “Aesthetics are regarded in a philosophical sense, communications in a social context and design in an experimental manner.” Lire cet article en Français.


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