After the Disco, Broken Bell’s new Album

Broken Bells is about to release a new album announced for January in the US and Feb 4rth 2014 in Europe. « After the Disco » is a new neo-retro project full of sci-fi imagery and Moog synthesisers.
James Mercer and Danger Mouse commissioned designer and art director Jacob Escobedo to imagine a cool universe with a modern vintage mix of objects, landscapes and images like from the sixties.
The first album of the Broken Bells project was made in 2010 with a soft sci-fi theme that is kept and developped on this new album with Columbia Records.
To put together the retro sci-fi effect, the duo recorded videos in the Mojave Desert where Star Trek was shot, and released a short film of a love story set on an alien planet, featuring snippets of their new songs, all directed by Jacob Gentry. They also used a lot of different synths, mostly 70s and 80s ones, and some newer ones to create a futuristic, dreamy aesthetic. The video stars Kate Mara (“House of Cards ») and Anton Yelchin (Star Trek).

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