A new way to discover typography at Hoefler & Co.

A new way to discover typography at Hoefler & Co.

The designers at Hoefler & Co. just launched a new tool to chose a font in their awesome collection. Their font are a bit expansive but it is so beautiful, it’s worth the money. The new website allows you to pick up a font by its personality, in a natural environment and surrounded by other typefaces. For the designers at Hoefler & Co., designing with a font — even while it’s still being drawn — is a vital part of the creative process: seeing how a font performs, especially in the company of other typefaces, helps us better understand its personality, articulate its purpose, and perfect its voice. For 25 years, Hoefler & Co.have helped the world’s foremost publications, corporations, and institutions develop unique style through typography. Including some of the world’s most famous designs, their typefaces are marked by both high performance and high style.



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