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Get some of the coolest creative inspiration about paper art on the go
with this selection of portfolios curated by…

  • Edgy performances from all over the world
  • Graphic design, fashion, architecture, animation, sculpture…
  • A slideshow through a variety of inspiring styles
  • It's definitely a hot trend!
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.

Paper Art trends app is available for iPhone & iPad.

Images are presented through different folders as well as in a simple slideshow.

A selection of edgy artworks from all over the world gives you a trendy inspiration.

I create paper objects because I love the material and the touch of it. Its delicacy is asking for attention and respect. Fragile objects recalls the reality of our lives.

- Pierre Pozzi Les Mangues Italiennes

Paper is tactile. The most enjoyable part of the process is the folding into the desired shape. It's all about touch and collaboration with the material.

- Elod Beregszaszi

Facing paper we are all just kids.

- Guillaume Lavrut

I love the idea of creating something tangible and three dimensional as opposed to something that only exists digitally.

- Bianca Chang

I find the friction between progress and nature fascinating.

- Kyle Bean

Paper is the beginning of my inspiration. But I also need other feelings, other materials.

- Romain Lenancker
What content may I find in this app?

It's all about paper art. This app is a collective showcase gathering some of the best paper artists on their different fields, sharing images and interviews.

How does it work?

It is mainly presented like a photo album on the iPhone or iPad with ability to display images either as an automatic or manual slideshow. Paper Art trends is monthly updated with new content.

Where can I get support?

Please check the contact section for any question. Also notice that every image on the app is linked to his owner with a copyright credit, URL and email address.

I want the same app for myself!

Paper Art trends is a project curated by but you can create a similar application with your own content. That can be done with iFolio, the original application developped by Hervé Pétoreau.

We believe paper art is a strong trend!

Paper is simple and flexible. Just like this application. Hi, I'm Antoine, administrator of a blog called, and presenting a selection of portfolios since 2007. In the end of August 2010, a friend of mine drew my attention on the iPad. These devices are just new engaging ways to watch a portfolio. Then I had this idea of putting paper artworks on multi-touch screens. I contacted a few artists in order to gather images and videos for a collective application offering a new experience to discover their work.

Paper Art trends is only about paper. It's a sample of edgy portfolios from artist working in various fields like graphic design, fashion, architecture, animation, sculpture…. It's about sharing culture, diversity and talent.

This application for iPad and iPhone was developped by Hervé Péroteau, webServices by Thomas Courant, MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell. All rights are protected.

The Team

App Screenshots

Paper Art trends 1.2.5

Released on 11/16/10
  • New development for iPad.
  • New gallery display with dynamic image upload.
  • xAuth support on Twitter.
  • Better rendering on iOS4.
  • Email integration for every folder.

Paper Art trends 1.2

Released on 11/01/10
  • New portfolio engine.
  • Full slide-show.
  • Auto-upload of the images.
  • Caption and credit on every images.
  • Galery display.
  • Twitter integrated.

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If you need some information about the application, please contact Antoine at partfaliaz.